Join the FASTEST track in Minnesota for an Enduro Race!

Join the FASTEST track in Minnesota for an Enduro Race!

This is one you won’t want to miss!
Join us at Alexandria’s very own Viking Speedway for an Enduro Race!

Calling Rear Wheel and Front Wheel drive cars!
Starting at 3pm on Sunday, August 25th, 2019!

Admission prices for this Event are as follows:
$125 Car and Driver Entry Fee
$15 Pit Passes
$10 Adult Grandstand Admission
$5 Grandstand Admission for Ages 13-17
FREE Grandstand Admission for 12 & under

SAFETY RULES are as follows:
These safety rules are to help keep you safe. You may add to the required rules to keep you safer. Everyone that wants to participate in the event needs to call and register before August 22nd, 2019.

This is an endurance race and will not be a demolition derby. If you have any questions please call ahead of time so check in day goes smooth
Heavy window screen with 2”x2” maximum hole size is required on the front windshield opening. Minimum of four 3/8” metal bars to support the screen are required. Driver’s window must have window net with quick release. These tracks do contain some gravel/rock.

• There will be no tubular chassis cars allowed or open wheel cars. Example bmods.mods,super stocks,late models,sprint cars. Must have a full factory frame. Any questions on cars call Bryan at (320) 808-8049.

• Raceceiver is OPTIONAL but recommended.

• Lap Counter is Mandatory.

• FULL FACE DOT APPROVED HELMET MANDATORY with full-face shield. Removal of eye protection face shield at any time will result in a black flag.

• 4-point minimum racing harness required. It must be held in place with 7/16” grade 5 bolts and adequate washers. Inspection committee must consider belts safe or you won’t race.

• Seat and floor panels must be solid and secure. Racing seats may be used. Fiberglass seats must have adequate reinforcing structure behind them. No passengers allowed in the race car.

• Full 6-point roll cage, or in Compact cars a minimum 4 point Roll cage/bar (6 point strongly recommended) made of at least 1-5/8” heavy gauge pipe, no square tubing, exhaust pipe, or pipe fittings. Cage must remain completely within the passenger compartment. Both driver side and passenger side doors must have 3 bars in the horizontal position to reinforce each door and a “vent bar” in the window. Rear hoop must have “X” brace. Front hoop must have horizontal pipe above and below windshield opening. Top, or roof area, of cage must have one brace across opening. Rear braces must extend from the top of the cage to 3” ahead of the top of the arch in the frame above the rear axle. All joints and mountings must be welded securely. The roll cage must be welded to the FRAME of the car, not just the floor. If the car has no frame under the roll cage area you must build the floor to hold the cage.

• Transmission cooler, if used, try to keep away from driver.

• A fire extinguisher is required in each pit area, optional in car.

• Clean your area at the end of the race or your winnings may be held back.

• No wireless communication allowed in car during the race.

• Paint your driveshaft WHITE so it is easy to see if it falls off. Driveshaft hoop required!

• These rules will be strictly enforced as interpreted by the officials, not the drivers. If it’s not right, you won’t race. If you have questions call your local track official.

• You must have working brakes, if you want a brake light we encourage it but not mandatory.

• NO ALCOHOL consumed in pits before or during race.

• All batteries need to be covered and secured.

• If you have a factory gas tank extra strapping or chaining is REQUIRED.

• Any car with electric fuel pump must have a safety disconnect behind driver’s seat accessible from standing outside the car.

• All drivers under 16 competing need a parent/guardian release form signed.

• Anyone under 16 in pits will need parent/guardian release form signed.

• Passengers are allowed will follow same safety rules.

• Any other questions feel free to contact Bryan Crandall at (320) 808-8049

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